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~ Susan Campbell ~
PO Box 381 Romsey Victoria 3434

Made from Real Leather (drum dyed harness leather).
or soft synthetic leather (no maintenance required).
Available in Dressage Design or All Purpose.
Dressage design has 2 long girth points.
All purpose design has 3 short girth points.

Very comfortable saddle for you and your horse, suits all types of horses. These Treeless saddles have the treeless saddle pad built into them (for spine clearance).

Saddle is extremely lightweight and weighs in at only 4kg bare.

They are not a known brand, as they are made for me, and tested on many horses. I had one made for me and loved it so much that i decided to start selling them.

They can be used at Pony Club, Adult riders, HRCAV, EFA, provided they fit the horse. they will fit many types of horses, some narrow horses with a high wither may require a riser pad.

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